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The world's lightest folding ebike? Not quite, but it's much cheaper

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ADO has launched an Indiegogo campaign for what’s billed as the lightest carbon folding ebike – at 12.5 kg. That’s not the lightest with the Hummingbird Flax ($6250) and Electric ($5,625) both weighing 10.3 kg and the $7995 Yikebike Model C weighing in at 11.4 kg. The ADO Air Carbon is MUCH cheaper though.

ADO is no stranger to shaving the pounds off folding ebikes, having successfully crowdfunded the 16-kg Air model last year. The company has now swapped the aluminum of old for a light but durable carbon fiber frame and fork, which help keep the overall weight down to just 12.5 kg (27.5 lb), making for a relatively easy heft onto the train from the platform.

Is it the lightest carbon folding ebike available? Well no, the electric version of the super featherweight Hummingbird bike we featured back in 2015 cuts in a couple of kilos lighter – the carbon fiber and flax ebike models each tips the scales at just 10.3 kg (22.7 lb).

That said, the ADO Air Carbon is expected to retail for much less than the Hummingbird electrics and does come in lighter than popular folders from the likes of GoCycle (aluminum-alloy) and Brompton (steel), as well as outliers like the Zendrian zen S8 (aluminum), Carbo (carbon monocoque), the Mirider One (magnesium-alloy), and the Fiido X (also magnesium-alloy).

ADO’s commuter folds down in a few seconds to 900 x 500 x 660-mm (35.4 x 19.6 x 25.9-in) dimensions for stowing in the trunk of a car between rides, or plonking in the corner of the apartment without sacrificing too much floor space.

The ADO Air Carbon folding ebike is rated to carry up 120 kg, including the rider
The ADO Air Carbon folding ebike is rated to carry up 120 kg, including the rider


Where last year’s ADO Air model was offered with a 250-W or 350-W hub motor in Indiegogo, for EU and International riders respectively, the Air Carbon comes with a 250-W Bafang hub motor only. That’s reported good for 35 Nm (25.8 lb.ft) of torque and pedal-assist up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph). A clean and quiet belt drive does mean that you don’t have the flexibility of gears though, but a dual-sided torque sensor should translate to smooth and responsive assistance from the motor.

A 36-V/9.6-Ah battery doubles as the seat post here, for around 100 km (62 miles) of per-charge range at the lowest of the two available pedal-assist levels (plus an unpowered mode). An IPX7-rated 2.4-inch color display offers quick status checks while on the move, and the ebike can be paired with a companion mobile app via the Smart Connect module – which is also home to a GPS anti-theft system for peace of mind riding, as well as notifications of unexpected movement.

The ADO Air Carbon folding ebike sports a 250-W Bafang rear-hub motor plus responsive torque sensing
The ADO Air Carbon folding ebike sports a 250-W Bafang rear-hub motor plus responsive torque sensing


Elsewhere, the Air Carbon rolls on 20-inch wheels wrapped in 1.75-inch-wide puncture-resistant city tires, while hydraulic disc brakes “offer reliable and responsive stopping power.” There’s LED lighting front and back but there doesn’t appear to be a kickstand included, and the supplied pedals don’t fold when the ebike is collapsed down.

The Ado Air Carbon has launched on Indiegogo to fund production, where it smashed through its modest campaign goal in a matter of minutes. Perks currently start at HKD 15,140 (about US$1,935), with stuff like a fingerprint cable lock, front bag and fender/rack combo offered as optional extras. The usual crowdfunding cautions apply, but if all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start from June. The video below has more.

Air Carbon | The Lightest Carbon Fiber Folding E-Bike

Source: Indiegogo

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