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Tern's latest cargo ebike has a premium heart but entry level pricing

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Cargo ebike pioneer Tern has launched a new family friendly model called the Quick Haul Long, which takes much from the company’s premium GSD hauler, but serves it up in a more affordable package.

“The compact cargo bike category came about when we launched the GSD in 2018,” said Tern’s Josh Hon. “Customers loved how such a small little bike could handle so many tasks typically done by car. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about how to make cargo bikes even better, and we applied those insights to the Quick Haul Long. The bike retains the GSD’s core features but it comes at a more accessible price, without compromising safety or reliability.”

Despite its relatively long wheelbase, the second member of the Quick Haul family comes in at about the same length as a regular city bike, yet can haul a total of 418.9 lb (190 kg). That’s split between an extended rear rack carrying up to 198 lb (90 kg) – with accessories allowing for up to two kids on a padded seat surrounded by rails or strapped into child seats – plus a rider in the middle and an optional front rack. All in a bike that weighs in at 64.6 lb (29.3 kg).

You don't have to haul the kids along, you can seat a friend out back instead
You don’t have to haul the kids along, you can seat a friend out back instead

Tern Bicycles

A Bosch Cargo Line mid-drive motor provides a welcome dose of pedal-assist up to 20 mph in the US (and 25 km/h in Europe) over four modes, with 85-Nm (62.6 lb.ft) of torque available and “delivering up to 400% support to help you flatten the hills.” Walk assist is included too, which could come in very handy when pushing a full load.

That motor is partnered with a UL-certified PowerPack battery with 400-Wh capacity for between 26 and 53 miles (42 – 85 km) of per charge range. Tern has also thrown a Tektro 9-speed derailleur into the mix for more flexible ride options, which will be particularly welcome on inclines.

A sturdy low-step 6061-alloy frame means that the rider can put both feet down at the lights. The new bike comes with folding side decks that can be set to five different angles to suit different hauling needs, or fold up to the frame when not needed. The cargo hauler has been tested to both UL 2849 and Germany’s DIN 79010 safety standards for peace of mind riding. And it’s designed to accommodate folks from just over 5 ft to just over 6 ft in height (1.55 – 1.85 m), thanks to an adjustable stem and seat post.

An optional trailer can be hitched to the rear
An optional trailer can be hitched to the rear

Tern Bicycles

Elsewhere, you’re rolling 20-inch wheels wearing Schwalbe Pick Up puncture-resistant tires, with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes providing reliable stopping power. Daytime visibility in traffic and after-dark hauling are helped along by a 90-lux headlight plus tail-light. You won’t need to buy a separate lock to secure your ride between trips as this bike ships with a built-in Abus or Axa frame lock. Parking up stability is served up by a heavy duty double-leg kickstand.

Folks who run out of room onboard can hitch an optional trailer to the included attachment points. And those with limited storage space at home or office can tip the bike upright and stow it vertically.

The Quick Haul Long is priced at US$3,799, with shipping due to start from August. The video below has more.

Meet the Quick Haul Long : A 2-Passenger Electric Cargo Bike for Families

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