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Smarter home is here: New age flats will now let you set the mood & temperature

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It’s weekend movie night. On cue, your living room lights dim, your surround sound speakers activate and popcorn smell fills the air — all at the click of a button. Sounds futuristic? It’s not.
Pre-setting the ambiance is just one of the many smart home innovations that luxury homebuyers are searching for. From intuitive lighting to temperature control to an app that streams curated playlists simultaneously in different rooms, luxury connoisseurs are going all out to design functional homes that cater to their every need.

“Smart technology has become vital in ensuring efficiency and luxury in high-end homes,” says Emanda Vaz, assistant vice-president, luxury residential business, Embassy Group.

“From sophisticated AI systems to inconspicuous spy mirrors [which look like regular mirrors but have safes and storage behind them], our living spaces have become a projection of technological advancement,” says Sukriti Sharma, partner, Plüsch, a one-stop shop for German luxury kitchen and furniture brands.

According to Ranjeet Oak, MD, K&B South Asia, the modern consumer is seeking “not only functionality but also opulence and sophistication in the products they bring into their homes”.
Take, for example, Basalte’s Sentido, a multi-functional keypad that allows users to intuitively control lighting at the brush of a palm.

Optimising Your Home
“There is a clear distinction between a smart home and a luxury smart home,” says Vaz. “While smart homes focus on integrating technologies to enhance convenience and functionality, a luxury smart home elevates this by creating a more personalised ambience, resulting in an effortlessly interconnected lifestyle.Smart home innovations that are currently popular include smart water filtration systems, robot vacuum cleaners that can be prog r am me d to schedule cleaning or a smart refrigerator that can detect low availability of any commodity, she adds.

One of Kohler’s most popular products is their Anthem Digital showering diverter that allows users to set shower presets. Users can create different combinations of sprays, temperature and flow for different showering occasions — morning, evening, post-workout.

But all of this convenience comes at a cost. “Smart home solutions can cost anywhere between ₹5 lakh to ₹1 crore per home, depending on the extent of control, brands and the quality of the user interface,” says Rajiv Parekh, founding partner, reD Architects.

An Interconnected Home
What are the different ways in which luxury homebuyers are making their homes smarter? “Eighty per cent of clients now expect a basic level of lighting and curtain control in their homes,” says Parekh. Some of the most popular brands include Keus, Lutron for lighting control, Morgen and Jung for keypads and CasaDigi, Savant and Control4 for a smooth user interface.

One of the key priorities for luxury homebuyers is security. “Advanced technologies — such as facial recognition, biometric authentication and sophisticated surveillance systems — allow residents to remotely monitor their houses from anywhere in the world,” shares Vaz.

For example, at Emaar Digi Homes in Gurugram, smoke and gas detectors warn residents via text messages on sensing any leakages. Belgium-based Basalte recently launched a luxury door phone, Adelante, in India. This in-wall smart panel features a range of options like a security camera, badge reader and fingerprint recognition. “We see the most demand from Hyderabad and Delhi followed by Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata,” says a company spokesperson.

Fringe Benefits
“Today’s high-end homeowners seek seamless integration of advanced technology and intelligent living solutions for the luxury of time,” says Muskan Salgia, vice-president of CasaDigi, an intelligent smart living platform that integrates your smart devices and in-house staff on one platform.

Examples include the pull-down hanging rods that give you access to your clothes with the push of a button or a watch winder that delicately rotates at even intervals.

Smart home companies are going a step further. “We want our machines to become more intelligent the longer you own them, not only anticipating your needs but also having the ability to self-identify problems, troubleshoot and resolve the issue, all before you notice something is wrong,” says Toby Godwin, a design engineer at Dyson.

“Whether it’s waking to the aroma of fresh coffee with your favourite music playing in the background or waking up to the perfect amount of sunlight through your curtains, home automation enables the ideal ambience at any time of day,” says Vaz.

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