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'Sky mansions' will top the world's tallest residential tower

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Dubai already hosts the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and it has now been revealed that it will soon boast bragging rights for the world’s tallest residential skyscraper too. Currently under construction in the city’s Marina district, the supertall will feature 122 floors and just 251 ultra-luxurious residences.

The Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina will reach a height of 517 m (1,696 ft), making it lot taller than the current world’s tallest residential skyscraper, New York City’s Central Park Tower, which has a maximum height of 474 m (1,550 ft) and an even more ridiculously low 179 homes. Height numbers can become a little abstract, but rest assured this is a very tall building and will be rated at around 11th-tallest in the world.

Its designed by Woods Bagot and WSP Middle East. Judging from the renders provided, it will take the form of an elegant rounded glazed tower that tapers into a point at its top and incorporates terraces and balcony areas.

As its name suggests, Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina is being created in association with Six Senses, which is a boutique hotel and resort company. The interior will consist of a mixture of “standard homes” with up to four bedrooms and so-called “sky mansions” spread over three floors that measure up to 14,102 sq ft (roughly 1,310 sq m) and have up to five bedrooms.

Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina will reach a height of 517 m (1,696 ft)
Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina will reach a height of 517 m (1,696 ft)

Select Group

The interior decor is being handled by Mitchell & Eades and will include high-end appliances and materials fit for an Arab prince, as well as generous glazing to show off superb views of Dubai’s Marina district and the wider city. We’ve no word on the expected price of the homes yet, but it’s safe to say they’ll be measured in the millions of dollars. The amenities will of course reflect this high price tag.

“From cutting-edge fitness facilities to specialized longevity areas and landscaped social spaces on the 109th-floor Skydeck, Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina delivers a new benchmark for residential health and wellness,” says developer Select Group’s press release. “Among the remarkable amenities are cardio, strength and functional gyms, virtual cycling and boxing studios, an infinity pool, ice baths, salt room, bio, Finnish and infrared saunas, sound healing room, massage suites, indoor and outdoor cinemas, and a longevity clinic providing a comprehensive range of services to enhance revitalization.”

Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina's living rooms will feature bespoke furniture and generous glazing to frame the view
Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina’s living rooms will feature bespoke furniture and generous glazing to frame the view

Select Group

Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina actually has a bit of a history to it and was originally conceived as the Pentominium Tower back in 2007. However, work stalled due to the global financial crisis that kicked off the following year. Select Group only recently acquired the unfinished building for US$100 million. The firm says that it’s currently at 25% completion and will be finished in late 2028.

Despite concerns over recent terrible flooding in Dubai that scientists think was exacerbated by climate change, the area’s appetite for massive construction is unlikely to slow down and other notable projects that are currently underway include a Mercedes-Benz-branded tower and another car-themed tower by Bugatti.

Check out the promo video below for a closer look at the project.

Six Senses Residences Dubai Marina – Now Available

Source: Select Group

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