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Significant growth of EU candle trade in 2022 – European Commission

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In 2022, EU members imported €2 331 million worth of candles, a 32% increase from 2021 (€1 767 million). Almost three quarters of these imports came from other EU members (74%, or €1 729 million). At the same time, EU members exported €2 457 million worth of candles, 27% more than in 2021 (€ 1 938 million). The vast majority of exported candles went to other EU countries (79%, or €1 936 million). 
Germany imported €609 million worth of candles in 2022, representing 26% of total imports of candles by value. This made Germany the largest EU importer of candles, ahead of the Netherlands (€313 million, 13%) and France (€173 million, 7%).
Imports of candles from extra-EU countries came mainly from China (€425 million, or 71%), followed by the United Kingdom (€55 million, 9%) and Vietnam (€41 million, 7%).
Infographic: EU trade in candles, € and %, 2022
Source dataset: DS-045409
Among EU members, Poland was the largest EU exporter of candles. Poland exported candles worth €922 million in 2022 (38% of total exports of candles by value), ahead of the Netherlands (€246 million, 10%) and Germany (€205 million, 8%).
Almost one third of EU candle exports to extra-EU countries went to the United Kingdom (€159 million, or 30%). The remaining EU candle exports went mainly to the United States (€80 million, 15%) and Switzerland (€72 million, 14%).
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