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RFiD Discovery improves inventory management for Brook Taverner with cutting-edge RFID portal solution

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RFiD Discovery, provider of integrated tracking solutions, has implemented its RFID conveyor portal solution at Brook Taverner, Europe’s supplier of stock supported corporate clothing and a leading menswear brand.

The new solution enables Brook Taverner to check a typical container-load of up to 25,000 garments arriving from their overseas production sites in less than 60 minutes.

With UHF passive RFID tags fitted into their garments at manufacture, Brook Taverner now has real-time visibility into all incoming stock.

Brook Taverner sought a solution that could verify whether all expected products were included in each shipment without the need for manual checks and that was also compatible with their ERP system.

Through the integration with Brook Taverner’s ERP system, the RFID conveyor portal solution enables them to check whether all items listed in advanced shipping notices have been received. This real-time visibility highlights when items are missing, or incorrect items are detected, ensuring prompt resolution.

Streamlining Brook Taverner’s inventory management processes in this way has enhanced operational efficiency by reducing need for manual verification and the associated time and resources required.

Arron Duddin, Head of RFiD Discovery, said: “We are delighted to have been able to provide Brook Taverner with a solution that helps them to optimise their operations and improve efficiency while reducing costs. We are committed to helping businesses revolutionise their processes with our innovative solutions.” 

Commenting on the successful implementation, Colin Seward, Senior Operations Manager, Brook Taverner, remarked: “RFiD Discovery’s conveyor portal has revolutionised our goods-in verification process and substantially increased the accuracy of our warehouse inventory.

“It used to take us three hours to carry out manual spot checks on a typical shipment of up to 25,000 garments, inherently introducing potential errors. Now we can efficiently validate whether all expected items are present in less than one hour, savings us both time and money.”

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