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Modi good not just for India but for entire South Asia: Pakistani-American businessman

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi guarantees stability not only in India but in the entire South Asia region, a prominent Pakistani American businessman said Friday as he congratulated the people of India on the peaceful and successful conduct of the world’s largest democratic exercise. “I have always said that Modi’s leadership is necessary for India’s future stability, preventing multiple parties from coming and destabilizing the constitution. Modi’s leadership is a guarantee of India’s stability and future of India,” Pakistani-American businessman Sajid Tarar told PTI in an interview.

With Modi coming to power for a third term, people in Pakistan hope that this will result in an improvement in its relationship with India, he said.

Responding to a question, Tarar said he was expecting that Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif would participate in the swearing-in ceremony of Modi and added that it was “disappointing” that so far there has been no congratulatory message from him.

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“…Modi is not only good for India, but he is also good for Pakistan as well. The allegations against him that he is anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan is politically motivated,” he said adding that the relationship with Pakistan would improve and there would be an increase in trade between the two South Asian nations. “Today, Pakistan is facing political instability and is in the midst of an economic crisis. Observing that Pakistan has been China’s proxy against India, he hoped that Islamabad would try to move away from that and improve its ties with New Delhi,” Tarar said. He said like India, Pakistan also needs strong leadership to handle political instability and economic issues. No Prime Minister has completed a full term, contributing to the country’s problems, Tarar added. “Modi is a seasoned and experienced leader who has dealt with various international forums like BRICS and G20,” he said, adding that Modi’s continued leadership could help steer India towards greater economic and political stability, which would, in turn, have positive implications for regional stability.

Calling for a pragmatic approach to resolving issues between India and Pakistan, he said, “The most crucial step is to open up trade. When products and cultures exchange, misunderstandings and historical grievances can begin to heal,” he said.

Congratulating India on the successful completion of its elections, he said, “This is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the strength and resilience of Indian democracy.”

The elections have silenced critics who doubted the robustness of India’s democratic process, he added.

“India’s democracy has proven to be strong, even more robust than that of the United States,” he said. Tarar praised Modi for his respect for the Indian Constitution and the nation’s democratic institutions. “When Modi lifted the Constitution and kissed it, it was a powerful gesture that underscored his commitment to democratic principles,” he said.

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