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Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Expands Its CTV Fleet

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Louis Dreyfus Armateurs has recently placed an order for two new crew transfer vessels (CTVs) to expand its fleet from 5 to 7 ships. This expansion decision is in line with the company’s strategic vision to meet the growing demand of the offshore wind industry, particularly in France.

These two new CTVs will be built by Strategic Marine, a reputable shipyard based in Singapore with specialization in building vessels for supporting the offshore wind industry. These vessels will be sisterships to the Esti’Vent and Acti’Vent, both based on the StratCat 27 model, known for its high-specification design capable of accommodating 24 passengers. This design not only prioritizes safety but also offers a high level of performance and comfort on board, together with a very robust and reliable platform, making it an ideal choice for demanding offshore operations.

Currently, LD Tide, a joint venture between Louis Dreyfus Armateurs and Tidal Transit, is managing a fleet of five CTVs. Three of these vessels are dedicated to the St-Nazaire offshore wind farm, serving EDF EN and GE Vernova, while Acti’Vent is responsible for the safe transportation of maintenance technicians to and from the Fécamp offshore wind farm for Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. Esti’Vent is used on the growing spot market to support installation phase of offshore windfarms.

The decision to expand the CTV fleet comes at a time when numerous offshore wind farms are being developed in France, with more projects planned for the coming years. This expansion is primarily aimed at meeting the increasing demand for CTVs, especially during the construction and commissioning phases of these offshore wind projects.

Gaël Cailleaux, Renewables Managing Director at Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, explained this decision:

“These new orders are part of the strategy to expand our Offshore Renewables business in France and Europe. We are anticipating the future needs of the rapidly evolving French offshore wind industry.”

The two new CTVs are expected to be delivered early 2025.
Source: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs