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Logitech simplifies livestreaming with wireless 4K MFT camera

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Ease of use, lens flexibility and Micro Four Thirds image quality is what Logitech is offering digital content creators with the launch of the app-controlled Mevo Core wireless livestreaming camera.

The Core follows a 1080p Mevo livestream camera from around four years ago, which featured a fixed lens and a six-hour battery and triple-array MEMS mics for mobile content creation. The battery life and internal mics filter through to the new model, but pretty much everything else has changed.

For starters, the video resolution has been given a serious bump to 4K/30p at 40 Mbps when recording or 1080/30p at 6 Mbps when streaming. The camera also gains a mirrorless 4/3 CMOS sensor for “DSLR level quality, but with a fraction of the complexity of a traditional camera.” Light sensitivity is reported to run from ISO100 to 25,600.

The 3.25 x 2.5 x 3.5-in (8.24 x 9 x 9-cm) box lacks built-in storage but comes with a microSD card slot for capturing footage locally. A companion app controls the show over Bluetooth 5.1, and can be used for easy multi-camera setups over cellular, Wi-Fi 6E or Ethernet. The app also serves as a mobile production studio prior to onward streaming to socials or content platforms.

The only button on the Mevo Core is for power, control and recording/streaming is undertaken using a companion app
The only button on the Mevo Core is for power, control and recording/streaming is undertaken using a companion app


Logitech takes a flexible approach to lens options on this model, stating that any MFT glass can be mounted to the body so that users can choose “the lens that works for them.” However, only four have been officially tested at the moment: the Olympus 14-42mm EZ, Lumix 14-42mm PZ and Lumix 45-175mm PZ powered zooms plus a Sigma 16mm prime.

The Core’s microphone array utilizes Fraunhofer upHear spatial processing, plus there’s noise cancellation cooked in too. The camera can also be used as a wired or wireless HD webcam that will work with any computer running Mac or Windows. And the body features multiple mount points for attaching things like light panels or an external mic.

The Core is available now for US$999.99 through Logitech’s Mevo online store, or B&H Photo Video/Amazon, but a kit lens is not included. The video below has more.

Meet Mevo Core – 4K Wireless Streaming Camera

Product page: Mevo Core

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