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Is Joe Biden's son Hunter the real commander in chief of the White House?

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Democrats who are wanting to replace Joe Biden on the ballot box will know that it isn’t an easy choice. The only way out is to convince the incumbent president to step down and make way for the other candidate to contest the upcoming US Presidential Election. However, there appears to be an obstacle in this regard. It is in the form of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. Many have in recent times said that he is the real commander in chief of the White House.

Is Hunter Biden in charge of the White House?

Many in the White House point out that Hunter Biden has moved into the residence of the US President after Joe Biden’s disastrous performance during the first presidential debate. He was also involved in helping his father prepare for the debate. After the debate, he has been actively involved in many of the meetings at the White House. He is also reportedly acting as a barrier to those who seek to meet the president. His presence in some important meetings has got the top officials worried.

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The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Turner has written to the White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients and raised the question if Hunter Biden has been privy to any classified information which is before the US President.

Hunter Biden’s motive:

It has been reported that he has always considered himself smarter than many of the officials in the White House and this has prompted him to take charge of the president’s office after the first debate. However, there are some real reasons which may have prompted this.

Joe Biden’s continuation in office is important for Hunter Biden due to two main reasons. There are two important cases against him. Recently, he has been convicted for violating a federal gun law by a Delaware court and there is another case coming up in a Californian court for alleged tax evasion. He will need to be given a presidential pardon to stay out of prison. Though, Joe Biden has said that he will not interfere in the case, Hunter Biden is hoping for an intervention when he is convicted.

Lastly, it has been reported that he is not wanting to let go off the power that the US President has. Hunter is also known to have his own political ambitions.


What is the role of Barack Obama in convincing Joe Biden to drop out of the US Presidential race?
Many Democrats are banking on Obama to convince his former deputy to drop out of the race. It has also been reported that Hunter Biden will actively oppose any such attempt by the Obamas.

What role did Joe Biden play in the Barack Obama administration?
Joe Biden served as the Vice-President from 2009-2017 during Obama’s term as the US President. Obama did not support him during the 2016 presidential election in which the former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

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