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'How you treat kids will impact them lifelong': CJI Chandrachud shares painful memory of school punishment that still haunts him

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Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud today recalled a painful experience of a school punishment that left a deep imprint on his heart and soul. CJI Chandrachud said that kids should be treated very carefully as how you treat kids leaves a lifelong impression on their memory. CJI Chandrachud said this while delivering a lecture on Juvenile Justice being organized by the Supreme Court of Nepal.

Commenting on the juveniles, the CJI recounted his own experience of the past where a school punishment left an imprint on his heart and soul that is still fresh today. “I will never forget the day in school, I was not a juvenile delinquent, when I was canned on my hands and my offense was not to bring right-sized needles to class. I still remember pleading with my teacher to cane me on my bum and not my hand,” BarandBench reported CJI as saying.

Chandrachud added that he was too ashamed to tell his parents back home and continued to suffer that pain for the next 10 days with the marks which he would try to hide always. “That left an imprint in my heart and soul and that it still is with me when I do my work. Such deep is the imprint of travesty on children,” CJI recounted.

CJI Chandrachud highlighted that children are often driven to delinquent behaviour due to economic disparity, domestic violence, poverty. With no necessary guidance, children can become more susceptible to negative influences, reported BarandBench.

The CJI further recounted another case that reached the top court of India about a 14-year-old who was seeking permission to terminate her pregnancy under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act of 1971. “Fearing repercussions and hindered by her innocence, she kept silent about the abuse she endured until she was well into her pregnancy. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding her mental and physical well-being, the court granted her request for termination. However, she ultimately decided against it,” said Chandrachud.

Stressing on the limited access to essential services such as counselling, education, or vocational training Chandrachud said that inadequate juvenile detention centers or rehabilitation homes may lead to overcrowding and substandard living conditions, hindering efforts to provide proper support and rehabilitation to juvenile offenders.Chandrachud is in Nepal at the invitation of Chief Justice of Nepal Bishwombhar Prasad Shrestha.

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