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ET Road Safety & Safer Mobility Forum 2024: Navigating the path to employee well-being and operational efficiency in transportation

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The ever-changing workplace landscape demands that companies prioritise the well-being and safety of their employees, not just within the office walls but also during their commute. This is particularly crucial when using rented or leased transportation services. Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) should explore integrating advanced technological solutions, such as real-time monitoring and analysis tools, to elevate operational standards and ensure comprehensive safety throughout employee journeys.

The third edition of the ET Road Safety & Safer Mobility Forum 2024, organised by and powered by Netradyne, emerges as a pivotal platform for engaging in conversations that drive the optimisation of employee security and operational efficiency in transportation. Building upon the foundation laid by earlier discussions, the roundtable discussion themed ‘Drive to Thrive: Optimising Employee Well-being and Operational Efficiency in Transportation’ delves deeper into the intersection of technology, employee welfare, and operational excellence within the transportation sector.

ET Road Safety & Safer Mobility Forum 2024: Know More

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Netradyne, a global leader in vision-based driver safety and management solutions along with, will strive to define tangible strategies and collective measures that industry leaders can adopt to bolster fleet and transport safety as part of this forum. By leveraging the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and new technologies, the forum seeks to align with the government’s mission of reducing road accidents and enhancing overall road safety standards.

The ‘Drive to Thrive’ forum reflects a growing commitment to creating a workplace culture that prioritises employee welfare and ultimately drives organisational success. By adopting innovative technologies and proactive approaches, CHROs and industry leaders can streamline transportation logistics while fostering an environment that supports employee growth and success.

Recent data from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) highlighting a worrying rise in road accidents underscores the urgent need to address road safety. The ET Road Safety & Safer Mobility Forum 2023 aims to move beyond mere talk and pave the way for practical solutions through technological advancements and collaborative efforts.

The roundtable discussions at the ET RoadSafety and Safer Mobility forum brings together thought leaders, industry experts and key stakeholders to address pressing issues. Through collaborative dialogue and knowledge exchange, participants aim to devise strategies for improving employee well-being, enhancing operational efficiency and promoting a culture of excellence within the larger transportation sector.

Furthermore, the forum seeks to explore how technology can bolster safety and efficiency across various industries, like oil & gas, hazardous chemicals, FMCG and retail. By charting a roadmap for a safer future, the forum aims to tackle the challenges outlined in the MoRTH report,such as overspeeding, road design considerations, weather conditions, and specific categories such as safety for two-wheelers.

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The first roundtable at the ET Road Safety & Safer Mobility Forum 2023, themed “Navigating Safer Roads: AI and Technology Transforming Fleet Safety in the Oil and Gas Sector,” convened industry leaders including PS Murthy, ED – HSE Corporate, HPCL; Sanjeev Raina, Chief General Manager (HSSE), Corporate BPCL; A P Acharya, Sr. Vice President, Indian Oil Skytanking Ltd. (IOSL); Rajeev Kadam, Vice President – Operations & Projects, Total Energies Marketing India Pvt Ltd; Ranabir Chatterjee, Vice President – SHEQ, Linde; Arun Salvi, Head Supply Chain – Petchem, Reliance Industries Ltd; Ravikumar Nair, Sr. VP – Head Logistics, Petrochemical Business, Reliance Industries Ltd; Swapnil Kamulkar, Head global road delivery centre of excellence (Trading & Supply), Shell; S. K. Bajpai, Executive Director (Health, Safety & Environment), Marketing, IOCL; S Murali, Advisor, Mahanagar Gas Limited; Tejeswara Rao Gudena, Senior Vice President – Devices, Netradyne and Shivkumar Balasubramanian, Director – India Business, Netradyne to discuss AI-driven solutions, legislative improvements, and the necessity of education in elevating road safety standards. Highlights included Subodh Kumar Bajpai stressing comprehensive road safety campaigns, A P Acharya advocating for a stringent licensing process, and industry experts emphasising technology’s role in monitoring driver behaviour and implementing fatigue detection systems. The discussion underscored technology’s transformative potential in mitigating violations and fostering a safer road environment within the oil and gas sector.

The second roundtable discussion of the ET Road Safety & Safer Mobility Forum 2024 can be a pivotal moment for actionable change, inspiring hope and momentum towards safer roads and smarter mobility solutions. . Through collaborative efforts and leveraging technological innovations, the forum endeavours to translate ideas into tangible actions, ultimately paving the way for a safer, smarter, and more inclusive transportation and logistics ecosystem in India.

In conclusion, the ET Road Safety & Safer Mobility Forum 2023 serves as a definitive platform for industry leaders to drive real progress in enhancing employee wellbeing and operational efficiency within the transportation sector. By harnessing the power of technology and nurturing strategic partnerships, the forum seeks to transform India’s transportation landscape, ensuring a safer and more prosperous future for all.

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