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Applied Satellite Technology (AST) Unveils Transformative Rebranding as AST Networks – the business partner trusted for remote connectivity

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In a strategic move to better reflect its evolving business landscape in technological advancements, Applied Satellite Technology (AST) Ltd. proudly announces rebrand to AST Networks. The rebranding initiative comes as the company embraces its role as a leading force in networking solutions, emphasising commitment to connectivity, communication, business efficiency, remote asset management, and unwavering customer support.

Founded in 1992, AST has built a strong reputation as a global leader in satellite technology, connectivity, and communication services. The rebrand to AST Networks is driven by the company’s increasing commitment to providing full-service networking solutions, far beyond traditional satellite services.

Gary White, CEO of AST Networks states, “We are proud to unveil our new identity as AST Networks, a name that encapsulates our commitment to delivering advanced networking solutions that go beyond the limitations of traditional satellite services. This rebrand represents a pivotal moment in our company’s journey as we strive to meet the evolving needs of our clients in an interconnected world.”

“With great enthusiasm, we introduce AST Networks, a name that echoes a much wider capability developed over many years of hard – won experience” shares AST Networks’ Founder, Gregory Darling. “I believe this rebrand reflects the real world of integrated satellite and terrestrial networks and connected sensors enabling practical digitalisation and the associated operational efficiencies that our customers expect.

As a distinguished Tier 1 provider of satellite and mobile communications, AST Networks bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to any organisation’s connectivity requirements. Specialising in crafting tailored communication networks, focussing on the specific needs of each customer – whether they are navigating the high seas or traversing rugged terrain – AST delivers connectivity solutions to keep operations running smoothly.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, AST Networks can integrate a diverse range of communication solutions, including radio, LTE, satellite networks, and hybrid connectivity. Their approach to providing first-class resolutions ensures optimal performance and reliability, empowering organisations to stay connected and operate to maximum business efficiency, effectively allowing companies to manage and control remote assets, facilitating streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and reduced down-time.

The rebrand includes a revised logo and strapline, along with a dynamic visual identity reflecting the company’s progressive and forward-thinking approach. The new strapline, “Remote Connectivity”, underscores their dedication to providing connectivity solutions that transcend geographical constraints. Their revisited website ( offers an enhanced user experience, providing clients and partners with easy access to information about the company’s complex capabilities and global presence.

AST Networks remains committed to delivering the same high-quality service and reliability that they have been trusted with over the years, incorporating enhanced network solutions to meet the transforming digital industry landscapes.
Source: AST Networks