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Anyone But You 2: Will there be a sequel? Sydney Sweeney talks about the prospects

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Since its Netflix debut on April 23, Anyone But You, the romantic comedy, swiftly ascended to the top spot on the streaming service’s charts by the following day. Its success echoes its triumphant theatrical release in December 2023, where it made nearly $220 million worldwide, affirming the resurgence of romantic comedies in contemporary cinema.

Sequel Speculation

Success brings speculation, and the triumph of Anyone But You has naturally ignited discussions about a potential sequel. While no official confirmation has surfaced from Sony regarding a sequel, the film’s leading lady and executive producer, Sydney Sweeney, has been vocal about the prospect of revisiting the story alongside her co-star Glen Powell or exploring new ventures with him, as per a report by Netflix life.

Sydney Sweeney’s Sequel Tease

Following the unexpected triumph of Anyone But You, talk of a sequel permeated discussions within the film industry. Sweeney’s remarks on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in February hinted at a promising likelihood of a sequel, indicating a keen interest in further exploring the narrative’s potential. In a subsequent interview with People magazine, Sweeney revealed that while sequel ideas were in the pipeline, nothing had been finalized yet, emphasizing the collaborative process of brainstorming various concepts.

Exploring New Collaborations

Beyond sequel talk, Sweeney and Powell have expressed eagerness to collaborate on future projects. Sweeney, in discussions with Variety, disclosed that she and Powell are actively considering numerous script offers for potential joint ventures. Powell echoed this sentiment at the SAG Awards in February 2024, affirming their shared interest in pursuing another cinematic collaboration.

The Appeal of a Sequel

While a sequel to Anyone But You remains speculative, the prospect of revisiting the beloved characters and storyline undoubtedly intrigues fans. The film’s endearing charm and widespread acclaim suggest a receptive audience for further exploration of Bea and her romantic escapades.

However, with Sweeney and Powell’s palpable chemistry, fans are equally enthusiastic about the possibility of witnessing their on-screen reunion in an entirely new cinematic endeavor.

Current Viewing Availability

For enthusiasts eager to relive the magic of Anyone But You, the film is currently available for streaming on Netflix, offering audiences another chance to immerse themselves in its delightful romance and comedic charm.


Why is Anyone But You rated R?

The MPAA rating for the film includes “language throughout, sexual content, and brief graphic nudity.” According to the evaluation by, the movie contains a few implied sex scenes with nudity, some scenes featuring non-sexual full male nudity and non-sexual female nudity, as well as numerous kissing scenes between men and women.

Is the movie “Anyone But You” based on a book?

Certainly! Yes, the screenplay, penned by Ilana Wolpert, known for her work on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, draws loose inspiration from William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

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