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Anna Hazare attacks Arvind Kejriwal, says he drowned under the influence of liquor money

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Veteran anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare launched a scathing attack on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, urging the public to reconsider their support for leaders involved in corrupt practices. Hazare emphasized the importance of voting for candidates with unblemished records, highlighting concerns over ethical integrity in politics.

“Vote for those candidates who have clean images and don’t have ED after them. I condemn Arvind Kejriwal for his name emerging in the Delhi Liquor Scam. He did corruption because he was drowned in the addiction of money. Such people should not be voted again to power,” Anna Hazare said in a video to TimesNow Navbharat.

Hazare reiterated his disappointment with Kejriwal’s alleged involvement in the Delhi Liquor Scam, lamenting the deviation from their shared principles. He disclosed advising Kejriwal to uphold his integrity and principles, cautioning against the allure of monetary gain through unethical means.

This latest criticism from Hazare marks a recurring trend in his disapproval of Arvind Kejriwal’s actions. Earlier in March, Hazare had expressed dismay over Kejriwal’s arrest in connection with the Delhi Liquor Scam, citing a departure from their previous stance against corruption.

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Kejriwal, once a prominent figure in Hazare’s anti-corruption movement in 2011, transitioned into politics, founding the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in 2012 and subsequently assuming office as the Chief Minister of Delhi. However, Kejriwal’s journey has been marred by controversies, including recent allegations of money laundering in the Delhi Excise Policy case.Presently, Kejriwal is out on bail until June 1, following his arrest by the Enforcement Directorate. Despite legal hurdles, he continues to engage in campaigning activities for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, with the results scheduled for announcement on June 4. However, Kejriwal faces the prospect of returning to Tihar jail, as he has been directed to surrender on June 2 in compliance with legal procedures.

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