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Air Seat aims to put full-floating suspension under cyclists' butts

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Nobody likes getting a sore bum when cycling. The Air Seat is made with that fact in mind, as it adds what is described as a “full-floating” coil suspension system to existing saddles.

First of all, yes, there are already a number of suspension saddles and seatposts on the market.

According to the Taiwanese designers of the Air Seat, however, almost all of those products absorb road-bumps solely by moving up and down. By contrast, the Air Seat also allows the saddle to move in other directions, reportedly resulting in an even cushier ride.

The device is user-installed in just a few minutes, between the top of the seatpost and the underside of the saddle. Once in place, it utilizes a stainless steel spring in the rear to absorb shocks on a vertical axis – we’re still waiting to hear back about how many millimeters of travel it provides.

A front view of the Air Seat, minus its nose cover
A front view of the Air Seat, minus its nose cover

Air Seat

The Air Seat additionally uses a horizontally oriented spring in the front for a limited amount of fore/aft movement. That second spring also lets the saddle subtly tip from side to side, adding a bit more compliance. And should the rider go over any really big bumps, silicone bumpers inside the Air Seat keep it from bottoming out.

The device is available in rider weight limits of 80, 100, 120 or 130 kg (176, 220, 265 or 287 lb), and in color choices of black or silver. Buyers can also choose between an aluminum-bodied model that weighs 250 g (0.6 lb) or a zinc-alloy version that tips the scales at 350 g (0.8 lb) – they’re priced at NT$2,800 and NT$1,400 (about US$87 and US$43), respectively.

You can see the Air Seat in butt-comforting action, in the video below.

Air Seat – Full-floating saddle suspension system 全浮動座椅避震系統

Source: Air Seat

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